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Providing Everything You Need

Wedding Embrace


We specialise in arranging the perfect string music to accompany your wedding day. Our personal approach and talented players deliver an elegant and sophisticated musical accompaniment, which your guests and yourself will remember for years to come.

Celebratory Event

The secret ingredient to elevate any gathering from ‘good’ to ‘unforgettable’ is often overlooked: live music. Specifically, a string quartet, can infuse an event with elegance, sophistication, and joy. The melodious strains of a quartet can provide the perfect backdrop for a variety of celebrations. 

Wedding Toast
Image by Sandy Millar

Funeral Service

Let us add a touch of elegance and grace to your loved one’s final tribute, be it a funeral service, wake, or commemorative gathering. The significance of live music at funerals is frequently underestimated; its ineffable capacity, offers a potent medium through which we can bid adieu and express our feelings without uttering a word.

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